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Bike Strap Plus (BK)

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One-piece elastic strap that can be quickly removed and applied to the tube. It can be used at the front or rear and is compatible with bicycle tubes 22~88 mm in diameter.
The multiple strap construction can be attached to the bike's adjacent frame for use in response to different items. Compatible with the Bone Charging Kit and compatible with Bone card holder (optional) for carrying cards and banknotes.
Made of eco-friendly silicone material, which is hard-wearing, dirt-resistant and washable. Strap and go, Bike Strap Plus
Reduce the inconvenience of carrying items while motorcycling. You can easily attach items to the bike frame or handlebars for a lightweight riding experience.

While cycling, you can securely attach items you want to carry. Suitable diameter range for binding: 22~88 mm
One-piece molded strap, usable on both sides, can be adjusted to fit objects of different sizes
One-piece design with multiple strap design. Attach with 2-point or 3-point positioning on the bicycle frame and place the item above or below the frame

Versatile and flexible attachment options/methods.
Attach it wherever you want, versatile and multipurpose
Style 1 - bicycle frame
Style 2 - handlebar
Style 3 - bicycle frame + seat post

Weighing only 60g, this bike strap can be easily stored on the bike frame when not in use; it makes attaching items easy and effectively reduces rider and bike carrying weight. Start your lightweight ride now

Can be purchased with other Bone products to enhance your riding experience
Dirt repellent and washable, won't scratch the bike frame
Made of eco-friendly silicone material, stain-resistant and washable

Different binding methods without restrictions
Can be used on different types of bikes, such as road bikes, e-bikes and city bikes, allowing different attachment locations and a wide range of items to be attached, including Bluetooth speakers, storage bags and windproof jackets

EAN Code4710727604288
BrandBone Collection
SerieBike Strap

- Bike Strap Plus



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