Import en distributie van de meest innovatieve, exclusieve accessoires voor mobiele elektronica in de Benelux.

Import and distribution of the most innovative, exclusive accessories for mobile electronics in the Benelux.

Les plus innovantes, accessoires exclusifs pour l'électronique mobile

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We’re a bunch of cyclists passionate about crafting affordable add-ons that will take your breath away.

WATTEAM was established by three cycling enthusiasts who recognized the need to develop a professional & affordable power meter that works on any bike – without the need for factory installation or component replacement. 

At WATTEAM, we believe cyclists on all levels can and should have it all. As a professional cyclist, you want a high-end power meter with proven technology, and consistent and accurate readings to reach peak performance. As an unsponsored cyclist and amateur athlete, you want a reliable training tool that will help you advance to your personal best, but without paying a pro price tag. POWERBEAT™ caters to all levels – with no compromise.

With POWERBEAT™, you can have it all. The self-contained kit puts an end to factory installation and calibration. It's packed with two patent-pending mechanical sensors and intelligent processing units – that when attached to the cranks deliver real (not estimated) left and right leg power metrics. POWERBEAT™ is light-weight, durable and consistently accurate enough to be used by professional cyclists – yet affordable enough for unsponsored cyclists. It's also the first to come with an 60-hour rechargeable battery, and works with ANT+ head units, as well as with Bluetooth® Smart enabled smartphones. At last, a professional-grade power meter that anyone can afford!


  • 1) POWERBEAT™ supports hollow aluminum cranks and in the near future, carbon cranks as well. Future versions will support additional cranks models.
  • 2) POWERBEAT™ works with standard BLE head units, such as Suunto Ambit, or head units that support two sensor measurements, such as Polar V800.

Do you want to buy Powerbeat? Please contact for more information.


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